You start the workday by opening Q360 from your PC or tablet.

Your screen shows an overview of the status of your ongoing projects as well as an overview of tasks that Q360 suggests you work on today and in the upcoming future, in the proposed order of priority.

This may sound too good to be true, but with Q360, this is the reality.

Adapted for Your Industry

Q360 is a module-based project management tool that has basic functions specially adapted to the building and construction industry.

Q360 has project setup and task management system as a free core function.

Organize Your Projects

In Q360, you can register all projects in any phases, everything from projects in the tender phase to follow-up during the construction period and possibly further.

The projects are structured automatically in accordance with the industry to which the projects belong.

Whether you are a project manager or in another role, you will receive a role based overview without drowning in a irrelevant information.

The Power of Automation

Q360 will have built-in several automated processes as well as artificial intelligence that will greatly improve efficiency and contribute to accurate planning of projects.

This will help you with structuring your workday and planning realistic workload in the coming weeks. Several modules that take care of the daily project management activities are planned to be developed in the near future.


Right prioritization of tasks can often be demanding as tasks have different deadlines, importance and scope. Q360's task management system helps you prioritize your ​tasks correctly, so you get the optimal workday.

Tasks can end up in your task list in several ways. You can, for example, generate your own tasks that you plan to work on, or you can get an assigned task from someone else in the project you work on. Tasks are generated either manually or automatically from other modules or integrated systems, such as email or other software for example.

Q360 aims to help its users through everyday work, every day forever. We will therefore constantly over time improve our functions by learning how you as a user best manage to structure your work.

Therefore, Q360 will be free forever so that together we can achieve common goals.

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